GNiales Paris 2016, the theme is “Bridges”

The event is over. Full summary here:

Credits: Esther Lhuillery & Michael Freudenthal

The largest live action role-playing game convention in France will take place in Paris on the week-end of October 29-30th 2016. It will bring together players, organizers and other curious minds during two days of learning, sharing and having fun.

Three simple steps to prepare your coming:

1) Sign up:
2) Buy your ticket:
3) Prepare your schedule:

Around 35 speakers and 45 topics, including in English: designing a character in the French “Romanesque” style, making magic with electronics, what to know when Larping abroad and so on (the schedule will be published next week!)

This year, we really need your help:

  • French state of emergency put a lot of pressure on our budget. There are “Sponsor” ticket if you can / want to pay a little more, at your discretion.
  • Many people come from afar. In the sign up form, you can ask for a couch. Our team will do its best to make offer and demand match.

GNiales, la convention du jeu de rôle grandeur nature en France


The French LARP convention since 2005

For 11 years, GNiales made it possible for new and seasoned LARPers to learn more about their hobby. Conferences, workshops, mini-games or round-table debates will allow you to discover the state of the art of live action role-playing games in France, and abroad.

Most of the contributions are in French, but every year, GNiales strive to provide at least one full English schedule to invite foreigners to come and share their practices and their vision. Also, every thing is done so that English-speaking individuals will be able to meet new, interesting people.